At Kuhnhenn Brewing Company, we feel it is our duty to be involved in the communities in which we sell beer, and we know that there are many opportunities for us to do so. While we’d love to say yes to everything, sometimes we have to respectfully decline. Please read through our guidelines and suggestions before requesting event sponsorships or charitable donations.

  • Requests must be submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to the event start date or the date the donation is needed. We want to give every event we involve ourselves in the best chance for success, which means allowing plenty of time for planning. While we only require 6o days notice, additional time is always appreciated. Larger events generally require more time. Any requests submitted with less than 60 days notice will be automatically discarded.
  • We know there are worthwhile events happening and donations needed all over the country, but we can only consider requests from organizations in the State of Michigan.
  • We also have to decline requests that are asking for sponsorship in these areas due to the high volume of requests we receive: sports teams, individual athletes, motorized sports, bands, and golf outings. Requests from schools, religious or political organizations, and anything related to children will also be omitted.
  • Due to Michigan state law, we are not legally allowed to donate beer to events in any state. We’re sorry, but we cannot make any exceptions to this.
  • When possible, we love to be actively involved in our sponsorships, so we generally pass on opportunities that are solely logo placements or ad-buys.

Requests may be directed to our Marketing and Sales Department.