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Winter Solstice Update

Kuhnhenns Winter Solstice 2018 Update!

Join us this Friday and Saturday at Kuhnhenn Brewing for our annual Winter Solstice Celebration: Vintage beers on draft, live music, a special Solstice food menu, Wassailing and more!

What is Winter Solstice? 

There are many ways in which Winter Solstice can be defined, one of the most common (and perhaps most easily understood) is by the astronomical phenomenon for which it is named, a “sun-standing” which is readily observable by anyone on Earth.  The standing sun occurs for about three days between December 20th and 24th.  Based on the shortest day of the year, the solstice date and times change as the Earth’s orbit may vary from year to year.  The modern name descends from a Latin scientific word in use in the late Roman republic of the 1st century BC: solstitium.

The tradition of Yuletide includes “The 12 days of Christmas”, between December 13th and 24th, and the birth of the new sun/”son” on December 25th.  In Norse tradition Santa rides the traditional Yule Bock (a bock is a male goat) delivering toys to the children during this time.  Winter Solstice traditions include kissing under the mistletoe and drinking Wassail!

The tradition of Wassail 

Wassail is an old world ceremonial cider blended with mead and olde ale, served hot, used as an apple tree spirit offering during the Yuletide season to bless orchards and increase their yields.  (It’s also tasty!).  The word Wassail is Saxon for “Good Health” and a traditional toast is to hold high a cup of Wassail while exclaiming “All Hail Waes Heal!” or “All Hail Wassail!”

Making and serving Wassail has been one of the oldest winter holiday traditions.  A common caroling song starts out as: “Here we come a wassailing among the leaves so green.  Here we come a wandering, so fair to be seen.”  Kuhnhenn Brewing brings back some of these old traditions with Wassail and a Winter Solstice Party held every year.

Winter Solstice event and beers

FRIDAY, Dec. 21st at 11:00 AM

Solstice Celebration DAY 1 Kick off aged tapped beer release begins at the Warren location. Kuhnhenn will be toasting Wassail after dark (5:02 pm)

SATURDAY, Dec. 22nd at 11:00 AM

Solstice Celebration DAY 2 at Clinton Township location continues with more Wassail toasts! All presales of beer will be available at this location for pick up. Solstice release beers not purchased through online presale will be available for sale on a first come first serve basis.

There will be live music from Reggie Smith & the After Party at both locations and a special  Winter Solstice food menu:

At Warren location on Friday, 21 Dec 2018:

Smoked turkey legs and Pietrzyk Pierogi will be serving up their famous Pierogi’s!

At Clinton Twp location on Saturday, 22 Dec 2018

Smoked turkey legs, Eisbein, Warm Brussel sprout salad, Roasted potatoes, Mac-n-cheese, Butternut squash soup (vegetarian), Rolls

Here is a list of our Solstice beers on tap:

At Warren location on Friday, 21 Dec 2018:

Barrel-aged beers:

Barrel Aged Fourth Dementia Old Ale 2018, Bourbon Barrel Aged Blueberry Eisbock 2014, Bourbon Barrel Raspberry Eisbock 2014, Bourbon Barrel Aged Fourth Dementia Old Ale 2015, Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 2016, Bourbon Barrel Barleywine 2015

Also on tap:

Non-Barrel Aged Barley Wine 2018, TRIPA 2018, Winter Wonder Lager 2010, Few Shillings too Many Braggot 2015

At Clinton Twp location on Saturday, 22 Dec 2018

Barrel-aged beers:

Barrel Aged Fourth Dementia Old Ale 2014, Barrel Aged Fourth Dementia Old Ale 2018

Also on tap:

Non-Barrel Aged Barley Wine 2018, Winter Wonder Lager 2010, Blueberry Eisbock 2014, American Imperial Stout 2016, Solstice Stout 2018

The special release beers will be ready to pick up at your convenience as there is a long pickup window (from the December 21st to 31st) at the Clinton Township taproom, but don’t miss the Winter Solstice event at our Warren location on Friday, December 21st and at our Clinton Twp facility on Saturday, December 22nd!



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