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Hey everyone. Mike the Brewer here.

kuhnhennbrewing Very excited y’all have been buying up our world famous Barrel aged beers via presales for our Winter Solstice Release, but you’re missing out on a new beauty, our Gin Barrel Aged Simcoe Sillier. This beer is like nothing you’ve had before. The nose is a marriage of Valentine Gin botanicals with Belgian yeast aroma of bubblegum and pineapple. On the pallet, the gin and oak take the first chorus of this symphony of a brew, followed by the distinct flavor and body of Orange Blossom Honey, and finishes out dry with merriment of oak, Belgian esters, and Simcoe hop flavor. Buy it, crack it open, and let us prove to you once again our distinct personality of barrel aged brews we’ve made our name on. Cheers!

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