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Thank you from the Kuhnhenn family

Thank you all for your participation in this years solstice.   Your patronage in our family business continues to motivate us to producing new funtastic beers.

The pre-sale on line made beer pickups go much smoother than in past years.

We are in the planning for next years beers with a wonderful selection of solstice beers.

Limited amounts of 5th Dementia, 4th Dementia, Barrel Aged 4th Dementia, Tequila or Rum Barrel Aged Aldebaran, Solar Eclipse, BBA Imperial Stout, BBA  Barleywine, BBA Eisbock,  and Winter Wonder.

In the next couple of months we will be bottling small batch releases of 12 oz bottles of White Devil and DRIPA, stay tuned for when they come available in our taprooms.

How many people would like to be able to get 4th Dementia more often? Or more bottle releases?

We are looking forward to 2018!


Still available: There are limited amounts of Gin Barrel Aged Simcoe Sillier, Magic Wheel, and Eisbocks available at both locations for purchase. 

Look at the beautiful colors of this wonderful assortment of beer.


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Hey everyone. Mike the Brewer here.

kuhnhennbrewing Very excited y’all have been buying up our world famous Barrel aged beers via presales for our Winter Solstice Release, but you’re missing out on a new beauty, our Gin Barrel Aged Simcoe Sillier. This beer is like nothing you’ve had before. The nose is a marriage of Valentine Gin botanicals with Belgian yeast aroma of bubblegum and pineapple. On the pallet, the gin and oak take the first chorus of this symphony of a brew, followed by the distinct flavor and body of Orange Blossom Honey, and finishes out dry with merriment of oak, Belgian esters, and Simcoe hop flavor. Buy it, crack it open, and let us prove to you once again our distinct personality of barrel aged brews we’ve made our name on. Cheers!

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Kuhnhenn Solstice Beers on sale now! Limited quantity, purchase while supplies last!

Online shopping is active for our Solstice Beer bottle release!

Pickup of bottled beers is on the Solstice, at 11am on December 21st at our Clinton Township location.

Follow these instructions for shopping:

  1. Go to the top of the page and click on “first verify your age”, then enter your age.  This will automatically take you to the next step.
  2. This page contains the terms and conditions, visit store and create an account next.  Before you click “visit store”, click on “create an account next” passwords must be strong with upper and lower case letters, a number and special character. The tiny smile will let you know if it is a good password. Once you create an account you can begin adding to your shopping cart.
  3. Now you are ready to shop!  Most questions can be answered by reading the terms and conditions.